HPDE Insurance

As of June 2020, Bordman Insurance is one of 3 agencies in the US that has aligned with Hagerty Insurance to offer Track Day or HPDE Insurance. Motor enthusiasts now have another local option in their insurance arsenal with Bordman Insurance not only as their Race Car or High Performance vehicle insurance agency but also Track Day or HPDE insurance. Whether it is for long term insurance for your vehicle or Track Day insurance, we’ve got you covered. Click on the button below to apply for Track Day Insurance/HPDE.

What is an HPDE event?

HPDE events refer to safe driving programs that include classroom education, technical inspection and on-track exercises. HPDE insurance covers your car for events lasting up to three days, with a choice of either a 10% or 15% deductible.

Why Hagerty?

Hagerty protects your car for what it’s actually worth With our Agreed Value coverage, you can set an accurate value for your car and if there’s a covered total loss, we’ll pay that full amount.*

We provide extra coverage for what you need

HPDE and Track Day insurance includes towing and storage if your car is disabled, rental car reimbursement, and the cleanup and removal of pollutants caused by your vehicle. Instructors are automatically covered, and you can choose to include an additional driver as well.

We’ll customize coverage for your car

Whether you’ve got a custom paint job or body kit, or need coverage for time trials, we can customize coverage to your car and how you’ll be using it.

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